Episode 4: Infants and toddlers, and how they experience STEM

Today our focus will be on what we are learning about infants and toddlers, and how they experience STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in early childhood settings.

We have Kulsum Chishti-Yonzon, one of the members of our Conceptual PlayLab who has been researching with us, this very special cultural age period. She will be sharing a conversation she had with one of the Educators who has helped in our research. It's a very special conversation which sheds light on the unique opportunity for supporting infants and toddlers  to experience STEM.

Our panel today:

Kulsum Chishti-Yonzon

PhD Researcher

Kulsum is a PhD student in the Conceptual PlayLab. Kulsum’s study focuses on infants-toddlers learning and development, specifically how the Conceptual PlayWorld creates conditions for developing imagination and science concept formation in the toddler age period. Her research interests include children’s learning and development in infancy and toddler age period, educational psychology and STEM education

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