Episode 2: Conceptual PlayWorlds for Families

In this episode we are going to talk about research in family home settings. 

With us today are Prabhat Rai, and Oriana Ramunno.

Prabhat has been leading research in STEM with families at the Conceptual PlayLab. 

Oriana has been working as a digital storyteller and has been co-designing these innovative sessions with Dr Rebecca Lewis. 

We will also hear from one of the parents Stacey and her amazing daughter about their experiences of participating in the Conceptual PlayWorld@homeLIVE sessions during COVID lockdown.

Our panel today:

Dr Prabhat Rai

Senior Research Fellow

Prabhat leads the Conceptual PlayLab’s research into STEM learning in family homes. Prabhat completed his PhD from Oxford and comes to us from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Previously he worked as a Senior Fellow (Research) in Bhutan and was an Assistant Professor with Academic Unit of the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi. He brings extensive experience in researching communities, early years settings and families.

Oriana Rumunno

Research AssistantOriana brings to the Conceptual PlayLab 18 years experience as a teacher in early childhood and early primary settings.  Her role in the PlayLab involves working with educators and teachers in early childhood and primary settings in the planning and implementation of Conceptual PlayWorlds.  Her motivation is driven by her continuing role and research interests in Conceptual PlayWorlds.

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