Player Ready Podcast Episode #1 – Overcooked 2 (Ghost Town Games)

It’s been a while since we’ve played host to a good old fashioned podcast, and so today we’re proud to release the first episode of Player Ready Podcast, a new show dedicated to the developers and the people behind the games that we know and love. Playing host to this is a name and a character that some of you may be familiar with: BigWelshMike (the artist formerly known as bunimomike). He has a terrible affliction of not being able to shut up. People go about their day, minding their own business and next thing you know, he’s won them over with his dulcet tones and they find themselves spilling their life story to him within moments. It’s both alarming and possibly a bit wrong, but we felt morally bound to help this poor soul so, we’ve stepped in and decided to rescue the general public by giving him someone to talk to in the games industry. Two someones, in fact. So relax and listen to Mike chatting with Phil and Oli from Ghost Town Games – better known as the sadistic swines behind the Overcooked series – as he sifts through the torturous machinations of this devious couplet, their history as game developers and more. You can listen in a variety of different ways, but please note it will take a little time to proliferate through some of these services. Grab the MP3 file here (right click to download). Subscribe with any good podcasting app and the RSS feed. Subscribe through iTunes. You can also leave us a review, if you want to be particularly nice. Listen through Acast. Find us on Spotify. Subscribe through Stitcher. Make sounds happen through TuneIn. And finally, listen through our audio-only YouTube videos with this episode embedded below. You can also find us on Twitter, if you want to say hello.