Health Will Determine Yankees' Fate feat. Gary Sheffield

Chris Shearn and Jeff Nelson open the show talking about Aaron Boone's quick return to the dugout after having to get a pacemaker last week. They also get into how the Yankees pitching staff has looked in spring training, Jameson Taillon's nice outing and the importance of health and staying on the field for the Yankees outfield. In the debut of the "Q&J" segment, Shearn and producer Jake Brown ask Jeff questions about his career. They ask about when he found out he was getting traded to the Yankees, what made Joe Torre a great manager, how players connected with George Steinbrenner and his favorite World Series title. Former Yankees All-Star outfielder and MLB legend Gary Sheffield then joins the show. Sheffield discusses what made him fall in love with the game, his Uncle Doc Gooden, how the game has changed, why he should be a Hall of Famer, the current Yankees team and a Tony Gwynn documentary coming.


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