#150 - Vigil, Kevin Can F*** Himself, The Walking Dead, and See

It's not only our one hundred and fiftieth episode this week but it's also Terri's *penultimate* show. Fitting, then, that she chose to mark the occasion by being more 'Terri' than ever before, laying into James' penchant for "fantasy shite", due to being forced to watch season 2 of the magnificent See with absolutely no context. As well as the return of of Steven Knight's post-apocalyptic magnum opus, we find out what Line Of Duty on a submarine would look like in Vigil on BBC1, explore the darker side of sitcoms in Kevin Can F*** Himself, and listen to a Jamesplanation of the final season of The Walking Dead. All that and a Terri makes a concerted effort to not offend animation lovers... and fails spectacularly.