Why do we want to be good? | Ece Temelkuran, Alison Milbank, Peter Sjöstedt-H

In our largely secular world, most think there is no afterlife, no reward or punishment in the hereafter. Yet most still wish to act morally and even ascetically, delaying or refusing gratification in favour of some higher ideal. Even though, without God or an afterlife, there is no-one watching and judging us, and 'right and wrong' are seen as merely human creations.

Are we living in the long shadow of a dead God, as Nietzsche suggested, and would we be better to break free? Is moral constraint a means of maintaining social order essential to the smooth running of society? Or can a merely human morality also be transcendent and ultimate?

Turkish journalist, author and activist Ece Temelkuran, Anglican priest and scholar Alison Milbank and philosopher of mind Peter Sjöstedt-H debate the existence of a secular morality. Mark Salter hosts.

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