The Need To Grow - Rob Herring

There is no denying we face a reality where our world is under threat from climate crisis and planetary disease. The answer to this problem could be in the soil. Today’s guest is Rob Herring, and he believes our fate lies in the hands of Earth and it’s up to us how we treat our little blue planet. Rob wears many hats and is notable for his achievements in musical activism and environmental filmmaking. In this episode, we talk in depth about his latest picture, The Need To GROW, and the inspiration behind it.

He tells us how contemporary activism is fuelled by anger, blame and finger-pointing, while his film sways from this and aims to change the status quo by not only educating, but by providing solutions too. Throughout this rich and hopeful conversation, we learn about the importance of soil health and how it has a direct impact on the way we live. Yet, we find out that we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to soil science, as Rob notes that humanity knows more about stars billions of miles away that the soil our food grows in.

Tuning in, you will hear about the unlimited potential of soil and how regenerative farming could not only solve radical climate change but also pull the reins on disease and even conflict. It all starts with realising we are just connected to Earth as it is connected to us. Join us in this very special episode!   

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