Richard Rudd

Perhaps the biggest irony in human existence is that by facing our largest fears we find our greatest freedom. This is one of the many prophetic truths that Richard Rudd tells, and today he joins us on the show to talk about what the current state of the world means from a cosmic perspective. Richard is a teacher, mystic, and award-winning poet, and in his book, Gene Keys, he synthesises practical wisdom to help guide readers to a deeper understanding of themselves and their true potential. In this episode, Richard uses the state of unrest the world is in as a springboard to guide listeners into a state of perception that considers a far wider set of facts. What this moment is really doing to humanity is making them face the fear of death, a fundamental fear which we should be facing, which indigenous cultures have faced through rituals for millennia, but which our modern society has built itself around the avoidance of. We need to face this fear and move through it because on the other side lies our redemption.

Our global system has become too over-developed, and like any system, it is now beginning to self-regulate by culling itself. Richard uses the analogy of the transformation of the dragonfly, a creature which spends some of its life in darkness only to morph completely, to describe this moment. If we consider ‘deep time’, an infinite universe with cycles, births, and rebirths, what we are going through now becomes much easier to face. Toward the end of our time with Richard, he also talks about contemplation, an art that starts with pausing and leads us to the higher states of our consciousness where many of the truths he speaks about today become more self-evident. Tune in and listen to Richard’s prophetic words today.

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