Niraj Naik

Today’s guest is Niraj Naik, a certified pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert. He’s a professional musician, serial entrepreneur, and one of the world’s most sought-after spiritual ceremony facilitators. In 2010, he healed from a chronic illness using holistic practices, and soon realised he needed to share his knowledge with others who may be struggling with poor health and wellbeing.

He started the Renegade Pharmacist to educate people about the alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that are available, like breathwork, brainwave entrainment, Ayurveda, and natural supplements and medicines. It was under this alias that he authored one of the most viral infographics of all time; What Happens to Your Body One Hour After You Drink a Can of Coke? Which was shared and commented on by major media outlets across the world. He’s also the creator of SOMA Breath, a breathwork system and global movement for health and wellness that is taught across the world, that has training centres in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Tune in today to find out more about free thinking, modern medicine versus traditional or holistic methods, and healing yourself through pranayama and intermittent hypoxia. 

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