Matt Belair

The Pursuit of Mastery and the Outer Limits of Human Potential with Matt Belair

Matt Belair is on the path to self-mastery, a journey of deep spiritual inquiry, expanded consciousness, and mental and physical fortitude. Matt is today’s guest on the show, a one-of-a-kind author, speaker, conscious thought leader, and podcast host. He believes in potential; both his own and everyone else’s. For Matt, seeing the possibilities in someone's life is his greatest gift. He knows we can all be great, and there is nothing that despairs him more than to see someone suffer or settle for mediocrity, and nothing that brings him more joy than to witness them achieve their highest potential. He sees the un-ignited potential in every individual, and has the rare ability to help others see, believe, and create the inherent potential within themselves. In this episode, Matt shares the joy he has experienced as a father and explains how and why he has chosen to pursue his own mastery. He asserts the importance of asking ourselves the big questions; Who are we? What are we passionate about? And creating our life intentionally, as well as the possibilities of overriding out conscious mind and actively defining our purpose. He also offers some of his suggestions for living a fulfilling and healthy life, not limited by fear or the ill-intentions of others, so make sure to tune in today to find out more!

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