Martin W Ball PhD

Martin W Ball PhD is a writer, independent publisher, energy worker, visionary artist and musician currently living in Ashland, Oregon.

Martin works as an Adjunct Professor teaching Religious Studies at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

Join me as I ask Martin:

  • What is his best advice for navigating the world of parenthood?
  • What role can parents play in nurturing their children’s talents?
  • If we’re all one being, how do we account for bad things in the world?
  • What the word ‘entheogen’ means
  • What entheogens can teach us about ourselves

He’ll share with us:

  • Our responsibilities to our children
  • The non-dual nature of our reality
  • The use of entheogens and their role in helping people experience non-duality

Martin is the first guest to be on the Recipes For Life Podcast twice. We covered some new ground, as as well as delving deeper into some thoughts we shared last time, including:

“If I can find the peace and love within myself, that is what's going to make me a better father for her.”

“All of reality is this one being experiencing itself.”

“Clarity of the true nature of being is needed now more than it ever has in human history.”

“Humanity in general to me comes up as a bunch of God toddlers, and so what I'm trying to do is encourage humanity to grow up!”

The use of entheogens is not legal in all countries, so please check the legal status of the country you are in or travelling to. Use of entheogens is not considered recreational and one should seek advice from their health professional and use caution if considering using them in a country where it is legal. The use of entheogens is advised against if there is any history of mental illness or other health issues.

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