Kirsty Spraggon

Our guest today is public speaker and truth-teller, Kirsty Spraggon, whose breathwork sessions have an empowering and healing effect. As Kirsty explains, breathwork taps into epigenetics, the scientific study of how our bodies store and pass on experiences, including trauma. Kirsty discusses how breathwork allows us to enter altered states of consciousness, a place where we can access this trauma and then release it.

She shares the story of how she intuitively discovered breathwork by entering deeper and deeper states during her meditation and that her journey led her out of the corporate world and into the world of healing. While her path had its challenges, Kirsty emphasizes her need to choose courage over comfort and the importance of trusting your inner guide.

Near the end of the episode, Kirsty talks about why breathwork can be a painful process as it brings up dormant feelings. After discussing her methods, she compares the similarities of breathwork and medical plants like ayahuasca, adding that the beauty of breathwork is that you achieve catharsis through personal effort. As Kirsty says in this episode, “once you’ve had experiences of awakening, you can’t go back”. Tune in to learn more about the stunning powers of breathwork. 

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