Jeff Krasno

Wanderlust festivals capture the very best elements of community, resting on foundations of health and wellbeing. This pioneering festival gathers teachers, experts, musicians and creators at stunning resorts for transformational experiences, with 65 events held across 25 countries. In this deeply explorative episode, we speak to its creator Jeff Krasno, and dive into his inspirations to create such an immersive and influential festival. We also go far beyond Wanderlust, talking about formulae for success and how you can grapple an idea and turn it into something valuable to humanity and nature. You’ll also hear about Jeff’s new focus in life.

Today, he tries to foster forums for public discourse, bringing people together with opposing ideas, and allowing them to have thoughtful conversations without dehumanizing one another. Jeff uses these constructive arguments as a tool for his own personal development as well, using a technique known as steelmanning. As we get deeper, we also collect our thoughts on the current state of the world. Jeff touches on how the institutions we trust by definition are in fact failing us as citizens, yet the inherent adversity that comes with it should be seen as opportunity to create a new, brighter world for us all.

Media bias, the agenda of big pharma, and convoluted 3,000-page government documents detailing policy are just some of the aspects of contemporary life we talk about. However, no part of our conversation is complete without providing hopeful solutions and ideas for our collective, global problem. If you connect with any of this, make sure you join us in this episode with Jeff Krasno.

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