Erick Godsey

Erick Godsey is a cognitive psychologist and psychonaut trying to figure out how the individual can transform who they are into who they could be.

He is neurotically obsessed and he studies cognitive behavioral, positive, Jungian, transactional, evolutionary and clinical psychology.

He shares what he learns along the way and he has a free ebook on healing from traumatic past, a free email course on creating the future you want, and he also hosts The Metaprogramming Podcast.

Join me as we find out:

  • What is a cognitive psychologist, and what is a psychonaut?
  • Can we create the life we choose?
  • How to treat psychedelics carefully and responsibly.
  • His advice to kids about determining choices in life.

Also, Erick will share with us:

  • How our minds play tricks on us, and how to circumvent them.
  • How we create our reality.
  • His advice for navigating everyday life to be in accord with our intuition.
  • The power of journaling.

It was a pleasure to have Erick on the podcast, to have him share his studied, thoughtful insights into the human mind.

“Everyone is smarter than their conscious mind.”

“If you become in accord with yourself, and you’re really in alignment, that thing which you desire is your fate.”

“The ego is not on the throne of the psyche.”

“I faced a dragon, and then I found a superpower on the other side of it!”

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