Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan

As we embark on a spiritual journey or delve deeper into an existing practice and get closer to oneness, we may think that this is everyone’s destiny while on Earth. Having gone through a series of mystical experiences and into her past lives, today’s guest, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, believes that there is no universal way to live and that everyone needs to do what is right for them. This deep empathy and non-judgement have helped Edith as a writer, speaker, coach, trans- formational retreat creator, and mother. In this episode, we unpack priorities and why Edith believes that food is far less important to our overall well-being than we think.

Of course, it is necessary to eat well, but good air and water are crucial—yet often-overlooked—components of health. We also hear about Edith’s moment of wholeness during a qigong practice and the way this catalysed her to walk an entirely different path. She also expands on her time at a dark room meditation retreat, the deep connection she cultivated with her intuition, and how this ultimately led to her realising having children was her destiny. We hear about the conversation she had with her son before conception and the wave of baby spirits that were coming to blanket the world in light. Throughout the conversation, Edith radiates extraordinary love and displays flexibility, knowing that we can let people chose to be who they want. To hear more from her, be sure to tune in today! 

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