Dr Caryn Zinn

Dr Caryn Zinn is a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist. Her Masters Degree was in the area of sports nutrition, and her Doctoral Studies focused on how to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Dr Caryn currently combines academic work with her own clinical dietetic practice. She believes that this mix of academia and practice keeps her real and at the industry's cutting edge.

“When LCHF (or low carb healthy fat) first came onto my radar I initially dismissed it”, Caryn explains, “but going back over the evidence has convinced me that our current recommendations are based on flawed science.”

Known as the ‘Whole Food Dietitian’, Caryn's mission is to influence the dietetic profession, to understand the profound and potential improved health benefits of LCHF nutrition.

Check out the wonderful books that have been co-authored by Dr Caryn Zinn with Professor Grant Schofield - ‘What The Fat’ and ‘What The Fast’, with Chef Craig Rodger.

Join me as I ask Caryn:

* How she became one of the leading voices in her industry for changes to dietary guidelines.

* What is causing the resistance to her message.

* Is she optimistic about the future of dietary guidelines?

* Which countries are getting this right?

Caryn will also share with us:

* The science behind why she believes our dietary guidelines need to be updated.

* The science behind fasting.

* The Superfasting Protocol.

* The Three-Day Fast.

* Who should and shouldn‘t try fasting?

I hope you get a lot out of Dr Caryn’s common-sense approach to diet - I know I did, with gems like:

“We know that there are about 28 countries in the world that have put forward a sugar tax so we need to get on with it!”

“Fasting has been around since the beginning of time, literally.”

“The biology says that in the morning you are at you're least hungry, so don't eat!”

“A 24 hour fast is super easy to do - all you need is a busy day at work and you're done!”

To find out more about Dr Caryn, check out her webpage https://CarynZinn.co.nz

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