David Icke

One of the great silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that people are starting to reevaluate what they believed to be true, with more and more people questioning what they are told by the powers that be. Today’s guest is the notorious David Icke, who needs very little introduction. In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics in a stimulating, enlightening, and heart-opening conversation into the realm of infinite possibilities, energetic fields, and the human experience.

As David challenges the cult that seeks to control us, he encourages us to break the circuit between imposition and acquiescence by questioning what we’re told and not allowing our thinking to be programmed, and we discuss freeing ourselves from the dominance of this five-sense reality by tuning into other frequencies, and disassociating our identity from our limited experience. We also cover the victim mentality versus freedom, and we talk about censorship, virtue signalling, and living in a post-fact society, as well as mind control through repetition, and of course, COVID – from the vaccine to lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing.

David believes that, by opening our hearts, we open ourselves to expanded awareness and intuitive knowing, so please listen to this episode with an open heart and mind, and enjoy this interview with David Icke. Tune in today!

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