Chervin Jafarieh

Chervin Jafarieh is one of the most respected people in the alternative health community.

A health and spiritual advisor to a list celebrities, heads of state and top athletes from all over the world. Mentored at an early age by many trail blazers and pioneers in the field of health sparked a fire within him and hasn't stopped burning.

His background is in biodynamic agriculture, cosmology, herbalism, green architecture and communication. When he isn’t travelling the world speaking at events, he spends most of his time researching and sharing his discoveries on radio interviews, podcasts, his social media platforms, his personal show on Dash Radio and his newly founded health and lifestyle brand Cymbiotika.

Chervin’s message is that we have forgotten where we came from and our connection to Mother Earth. He advocates the critical aspects of human biology’s relationship with nature and how the modern world has disconnected us from nature’s rhythm

Chervin’s philosophy is that the key to wellness and disease prevention is through complete homeostasis, which is only achieved through the full understanding of one’s mental, physical and spiritual health.

Cymbiotika was birthed by Chervin to bring these ancient concepts back to the modern world, and Cymbiotika’s mission is to design a new formed relationship between humanity and nature - which is ultimately how we all begin to heal.

Chervin will tell us:

  • How he most effectively raises awareness of his health message with others.
  • His psychedelic garden and his experiences of plant medicines.
  • How he finds balance between the modern and ancient worlds.
  • His favourite philosophies,

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