Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders is a filmmaker and the creator of Food Lies, about what humans are supposed to eat, where we went wrong in the last 60 years, and how to fix this all - featuring experts like Tim Noakes, Nina Teicholz, Ted Naiman, Shawn Baker, Amy Berger and more.

Brian also has an incredible podcast called Peak Human, where he's interviewed experts, doctors and researchers, many of whom will be in the film.

Join me as we find out:

  • What drove him to make his film 'Food Lies'?
  • How did his change of diet change how he felt?
  • How do you debunk food lies without alienating people?
  • His ingredients for a great recipe for life.

Also, Brian will share with us:

  • The influence of Weston A Price's work on him.
  • Advice on where to start changing your diet.
  • How his crowdfunding for the film is going.
  • The correlation between our diet and brain size in evolution.
  • The correlation between modern agriculture and decline in health.

It was a thrill to have Brian on the podcast, and it will be exciting to see his film project come to fruition - his passion is contagious!

“How many other people out there are thinking they're healthy but don't even know that they're not - or that there is a next level of health out there?!”

“There’s a big mismatch between all the modern foods we have, and what humans are meant to eat and thrive on.”

“We didn't evolve to eat meat we evolved because we ate meat.”

“When you discover this information, everything clicks into place and you realise how did we get this so wrong or how is this even debatable?”

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