Dr Bill Schindler

An ancestral way of eating is often spoken about in contemporary conversations about healthy diets but that does not mean that all ancestral diets are great ways to nourish the human body. Our guest today, Dr. Bill Schindler, is an Associate Professor of anthropology and archeology at Washington College whose focus is prehistoric technologies, with particular attention to those related to food. His approach is rooted in the past, and he looks to our evolution and history as the main way to contextualize how we should view our present and future.

He has a sensible yet somewhat rebellious way of looking at ancestral nutrition, asking the questions he thinks are missing from this modern debate. For Dr. Bill, it is less about what we were designed to eat and more about how we should be eating what we find around us. He breaks down some of his beliefs around different sources of nutrition and where we can find the most benefit in our present context. We discuss grains and dairy, plant sources and meat, with Dr. Schindler sharing what he believes to be the most important factors to consider.

Towards the end of this episode, we look to the future and imagine approaching, what our guest calls, the perfect human diet. Along the way, we cover dangerous parts of plants, mono-diets, foraging, and the nose-to-tail- approach to hunting. For a far-reaching conversation on the parts of our health we should all be addressing, listen in with us today!

For more information on Dr Bill Schindler please visit https://www.drbillschindler.com/

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