Dr Shawn Baker

Dr Shawn Baker is a lifelong multisport elite-level athlete and medical doctor, who served as a Combat Trauma Surgeon and Chief of Orthopaedics while deployed to Afghanistan with the United States Air Force.

His focus in recent years has been on using nutrition as a tool for health, performance and overall well-being.

Join me as we find out:

  • What does the carnivore diet mean?
  • What was the catalyst that brought him to this diet?
  • Is cooking meat over high heat carcinogenic?
  • What training routines would he recommend?
  • Does it matter what time of day you train?

Also, Shawn will share with us:

  • Why meat in our diet is important.
  • The suitability of this diet for children.
  • How to make the carnivore diet tasty!

This was a very interesting conversation, and it was great to be able to share Shawn’s message with you:

“I've cut off plenty my own diabetic feet, toes, fingers, legs and it's tragic. The sad thing is in most cases those could have been avoided.”

“If you really load them up on the adult fats and proteins they're not wanting to snack every 15 minutes, you know, normally kids are constantly hungry!”

“How much human suffering are we willing to tolerate in the name of animal liberation or animal rights? We can't forget to human beings are animals too.”

To find out more about Dr Shawn Baker visit his website https://www.Shawn-Baker.com

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