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Talking Canna-biz with Alicia Rose Kelley

In today’s world, chaos, stress, and anxiety inhibit us from reaching a higher state of consciousness. By consuming spirit plants like cannabis, we can ground ourselves and lead more fulfilling lives. This is according to today’s guest, Alicia Rose, a respected leader in the cannabis industry. Based in California, Alicia is the founder of HierbaBuena, a company that provides discerning customers with cannabis-based products. We kick off the episode by taking a look at Alicia’s professional background and how she transitioned into the world of cannabis. Having spent many years in the wine business, Alicia draws relatable comparisons between the two industries. Alicia’s insights make the conversation accessible even for those who have never experienced the effects of cannabis.

You’ll hear about the differences between alcohol and cannabis and why the latter has clear health benefits, thanks to its role as an adaptogen, along with its phytocannabinoid qualities. Alicia then fills us in on the eclectic uses of cannabis as well as defining what plant medicines are, the possibilities they bring, and why they need to be correctly cultivated. Toward the end of this episode, we also chat about the widespread dogma that is often associated with spirit plants like cannabis, touching on the necessity for growth under natural light, and why distillates can be so harmful. Be sure to join us in this episode, and if you like it, pass it on to a friend!   

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