Aubrey Marcus: Use the Force

Pete and Aubrey Marcus delve into light, dark & how to use the force.In his newly released feature film Awake in the Darkness, Aubrey takes us on his personal journey.His mission is twofold: help bring light to the ancient consciousness technology of darkness, and in sharing my own struggles, help you to know that whatever you are feeling, you are not alone.
"I’ve had many difficult experiences, from relentless Ayahuasca sits, inescapable sweat lodges, biting mountain cold, and face-mangling car accidents. But never have I been broken like the darkness broke me. I have lived my life committed to sharing the truth, but this film is another level of vulnerability. I’ve never cried like this, prayed like this, or even laughed like this in front of anyone.
The darkness is the contrast for all of our light. In my time spent in the black I understood how scared I was to love and be loved. How much of the world I had taken for granted. I understand now why this is one of the oldest ceremonies on earth."'Awake in the Darkness' Trailer belowWatch the full feature at
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