Paleo Boss Lady

Diane Capaldi, or V, or the Paleo Boss Lady is one of, if not the most, healed from secondary progressive MS that we know of in the world - all through diet and lifestyle changes. The food piece was her missing link to kicking the bastard known as MS to the curb!

This boss has dedicated herself and her life to building a grassroots movement of change, and sold all of her life possessions. She now lives with complete strangers, offering tools of empowerment to help them tap into their miracle status all over the USA. Individuals simply ask V to live with them and she says yes - offering all of her services for free or donation, only in an effort to build a grassroots movement of consciousness.

No longer does she live a fear-driven life or a life defined by MS - this boss is in control with many tools that support her journey. All of the tools in her bag of tricks, are 100% accessible to everyone, which makes this the biggest freakin' BAM of all!

Join us as I ask V:

* What fear means and does to her.

* What tips and tricks she has to increase self-love and empowerment.

* Letting go of identity and culture to find happiness.

* How is she feeling right now?

V will also share with us:

* Her journey from an inoperable brain tumour diagnosis to multiple sclerosis diagnosis to where she is now.

* Breaking out of the auto-pilot of life!

* How to motivate yourself to live your best life.

V is a wonderful, remarkable human, and it shines in this podcast with knowledge like:

“If the heavens opened up tomorrow and said ‘OK V, pick your life, whatever you want’ I would want MS!”

“I live in harmony with my body, we coexist together and we communicate - and that is very powerful.”

“I was the girl that wore the gold Rolex, had diamonds, several homes, 6 cars and live-in help. I had all that and I was miserable - so I had to redefine what was important to me and what self love looked like.”

“I’m joyful every day and my body is physically the best it’s ever been.”

“The miracle that I am is available to everyone!”

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