Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr Joseph Mercola is a licensed Osteopathic Physician. He's also board certified in Family Medicine, is on the advisory board of the Functional Medical University and is also with the American Nutritional Association. His latest book is the Fat For Fuel Cookbook (which I co-authored) and he is the New York Times bestselling author for so many amazing books.

Join me as I ask Dr Joseph:

* What is cyclical ketogenics?

* Is there anybody you wouldn't recommend this for?

* Is cyclical ketogenics suitable for children?

* What are mitochondria and why should we care about their health?

* How do EMFs from phones and wi-fi affects us, and is it dangerous?

* How can we stay healthy with wi-fi signals all around us?

Dr Mercola also shares with us:

* Some clarity about what the ketogenic diet is and isn't.

* His experiences of intermittent fasting and its benefits.

* What insulin resistance is.

* His guide for safe sun exposure.

* His observation that Wi-Fi EMFs are the cigarettes of the 21st century.

This truly is a remarkable conversation, I got a lot out of it, including:

"If you go on a chronic low-carb diet, you're depriving your gut flora of the substrate they require to proliferate and stay healthy!"

"I don't think I've worn sunscreen this century."

"90 to 95% of the radiation you're exposed to is coming from inside your home. That's good news, because if it's coming from inside your home you can control it!"

For more information about Dr Mercola you can check out his website http://www.mercola.com/ or check out his Facebook page at Dr Joseph Mercola.

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