Dr Bill Pawluk

Dr William Pawluk MD is a formally board certified family physician with a practice near Baltimore, Maryland. He has had academic appointments at a number of universities including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland.

He has had training in acupuncture, homoeopathy, hypnosis and bodywork, and it's considered the foremost authority on the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF, in North America.

Join me as we find out:

  • What is magnetic therapy?
  • What is acupuncture?
  • Is there anyone who shouldn't use PEMF therapy?

Also, Dr Bill will share with us:

  • Why he got into medicine.
  • What we can achieve with PEMF therapy.
  • How to know what frequencies to use.
  • Where does he see the future of this technology?

It was great to have Dr Bill on to share his wisdom, experience and knowledge:

“I call myself an unhappy doctor: I’m not happy until I can help you to be happy.”

“Many many times I have tried to read while doing magnetic field therapy, and almost always I give up - because I’m just very very relaxed!”

To find out more about to find out more about Dr Pawluk visit his website at DrPawluk.com. You can also find his book, "Power Tools for Health" by Dr. Pawluk on Amazon to learn about PEMF therapy scientifically.

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Get the BioBalance if you're looking for whole body PEMF therapy. The FlexPulse is great as it's a wearable system and generates relatively high-intensity PEMFs for local application or brain stimulation.

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