Yolande Norris-Clark

Our society has been conditioned into seeing birth as a medical event, but the number of traumas with far-reaching effects that births in hospitals cause is not yet spoken about enough. In this fascinating episode, we speak to holistic birth activist Yolande Norris-Clarke about having children at home naturally, and how this fits into a larger ancient system that is being obscured by modern cultural norms to the detriment of our world.

Yolande shares deep and embodied insights into the transformative experience of giving birth naturally, in contrast to medically. She gives of her knowledge about the many bonds and connections this natural process has to our emotional, physical, social, and spiritual lives. We talk about nutrition, and how it is conventionally seen as pertaining to diet, which has the effect of downplaying the wellness and vitality that emotionally nutritional feelings like love can bestow. Following this, we breach the topic of our global moment defined by isolation, panic, and herd mentality. Yolande has much to say about where we are, and we discuss mediatized versus censored narratives and our guest makes a case for masks and medical births fitting into a larger consensual global system of control.

We also consider some positives though, talking about mass rebirth and the possibility this moment presents for us to face our demons and listen to more ancient guidelines. From there we contemplate how standards defining what is responsible change according to values and how this implicates things like vaccinations and giving birth at home rather than in a hospital. Toward the end of the show, we move to the topic of how we uphold information in a society to be trustworthy or not, and how that plays into shaming people like Yolande who share their wisdom based on experience and not a university degree. Tune in for a far-reaching and philosophical conversation about birth and the foundations we have chosen to build our value systems around as a society.

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