Dr Karen Becker

Dr Karen Becker is the most followed veterinarian in the world, and for good reason.

Dr Becker believes in a deliberate, common sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals, and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and reestablishing health in ill pets.

This refreshing, proactive approach that intentionally focuses on creating or restoring well-being has been embraced by millions of pet lovers around the world.

Join me as we find out:

  • When did humanity start having pets?
  • The meaning of thriving versus surviving when it comes to pets.
  • What is a species-specific diet and how do we feed it to our pets?
  • Do dogs thrive around more dogs in a family or do humans fill that role?

Also, Karen provides fabulous info and advice on:

  • Humanity's co-evolution with dogs.
  • Giving your pets their best life.
  • The moment that clarified her path.
  • The truth about who owns any of the big pet clinics & hospitals.

Dr Karen’s passion, determination and confidence is inspiring and she speaks her truth with conviction in this episode:

“We’re in the middle of a revolution of intentionally empowering pet owners.”

“Veterinarians remain the last group of healthcare professionals to advocate highly processed fast food!”

“This incredibly unnatural diet that we force dogs and cats to eat doesn't kill them, it just makes them really sick and unwell - which sadly the veterinary industry isn’t complaining about because it's creating a perpetual pay cheque.”

“They may be four-legged fur kids, but they’re still a tremendous lifelong commitment.”

To find out more about Dr Karen Becker, visit her website https://DrKarenBecker.com

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