Paul Selig

Paul Selig's work as a spiritual channel involves him acting as a conduit for what he calls his guides and allowing their messages to be spoken through him. Much of this work has taken the form of transcribed books and his extensive bibliography stands as a testament to the amount his guides have to share with us.

Paul joins us on the show today to talk about this calling and how it came to be the work that he does here on Earth. We discuss the discovery of this gift and what it has meant to him through different stages of his life, with Paul unpacking his understanding as best he can. The conversation gets into the possible purpose of these spiritual communications as well as Paul's experiences of them and how he chooses to respond to them.

For Paul, unlike some mediums or channels, he leaves the messages unedited or changed, preferring to act as a pure and simple vessel for the messages he receives. The focus of our chat today is the ascension or transcendence of a current state, accessing what Paul and his guides call the upper room or octaves of our consciousness. We get into Christ-consciousness, health and sickness and finally turn to what this particular moment in history signifies. While talking about illness, Paul channels some messages from his guides on the subject, allowing himself to slip into the mode of transmitting what is available to him. For a truly remarkable episode with a foremost channel of the beyond, listen in with us today!

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