Steve Young: Expression of Creativity

Steve has been making electronic music and deejaying for the best part of 30 years. He studied for an MSci (Master of Science) at St Andrews University, and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at the University of Surrey.
Steve left education at age 25 and spent 6 years working in the corporate world as a technical consultant, while producing music and deejaying at every available opportunity. He went pro with music production in 2010 and since then have been playing in clubs and festivals all over the world.

Steve started his own record label Luminus Music, and has released more than 70 Hedflux tracks and 17 DJ mixes.
Steve has hosted educational talks, workshops and retreats, and in 2016 started something called Audio Alchemy; a living synthesis of musical, scientific and spiritual knowledge.

I currently live in Scotland with my wife and 3 children whom I love more than anything. I have an excellent studio where I produce original music and provide mixing and mastering services.
Family is my roots, and music my fruits.
Here you can stream and purchase all of my music, or join my inner circle for access to regular live streams and a wealth of inspiring knowledge.

Due to extreme censorship and shadow banning, we have created a platform challenging the mainstream paradigm,
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To express without censorship and restriction. To allow freedom of speech and interest in ideas that will allow humanity to Evolve...
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