Colton Hall: Truth Prescribed

Colton Hall, formerly a pharmacist, currently a coach & educator.
'After hitting my threshold of suffering I set off on an incredible journey of healing, transformation, & finding answers. I healed myself from severe anxiety. I focused full-time on understanding "sickness & dis-ease", suffering, and healing with the premise of "how can I help people at the highest level." This is what I do now, through coaching, sharing the knowledge and understanding we all need (but never received), and helping people uncover their unconscious paradigms and shifting them.
The majority of our suffering is truly unnecessary. It's my mission to help as many people as possible to remove it, and start experiencing the magic of life.'Truth Prescribed
Due to extreme censorship and shadow banning, we have created a platform challenging the mainstream paradigm,to create a space to share vision and views, to create long term sustainable health solutions.To express without censorship and restriction. To allow freedom of speech and interest in ideas that will allow humanity to Evolve…Become part of the solution.
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