Lierre Keith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist, food activist and environmentalist. Lierre is the author of the novels ‘Conditions of War’ and ‘Skyler Gabriel’ and nonfiction works include the highly acclaimed “The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability”.

Listen in as I ask Lierre:

* Her inspiration for writing The Vegetarian Myth.

* What monocrops to avoid to help ourselves.

* Why eating naturally raised livestock is not detrimental to the planet.

* Responsible ways to feed your pets.

* What she would say to her younger, vegan self.

* Her ingredients for a happy recipe for life!

You’ll also discover:

* What continued to motivate her after moving away from veganism.

* Why agriculture equals extinction.

* How many species are going extinction every day.

* The threat posed to civilisation by modern agriculture.

* How helping the world's girls will help the environment.

* Seeing joy in a duck!

Just like in her books, speaking with Lierre brings up great things to think about, like:

“The world does not want to be a monocrop of corn or soy or wheat - it wants to be a forest or a prairie or a wetland.”

“You can go to the very first places where agriculture started, you will find a desert, because that's the end game.”

“If we just get out of the way, nature knows how to do it - every last seed in the soil knows where it belongs and when it is time to sprout.”

“You only get one chance to build a body and a brain, and if you're not giving them the right nutrients it's not going to happen.”

Lierre lives in Northern California and you can find out more about Lierre at

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