Dr Jason Fung

Dr Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist, or kidney specialist. He's a world leading expert on intermittent fasting and Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF), especially for treating people with Type 2 Diabetes. His books are The Obesity Code as well as The Complete Guide To Fasting.

Join me as I ask Dr Jason:

* What exactly is an epidemic, and why one is happening now with Type 2 Diabetes

* How even seemingly fit and healthy people are developing Type 2 Diabetes

* What foods to keep away from to avoid or manage Type 2 diabetes

* How people with persistent food cravings start fasting

* If you fast, aren't you depriving your brain of necessary fuel?

* The facts behind the 'calories in, calories out' myth

You’ll also hear:

* The vicious cycle people on diabetes treatment are stuck in

* How he found that his program was able to reverse 15 years of diabetes in three months

* Things in our diet causing diabetes

* Benefits of intermittent fasting

* The difference between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Jason has a great way of plain speaking, and in this chat I loved:

"It's very hard to admit that you studied for 11 years in school, worked for another 10 years, and then realise that hey, most of what you do is not very useful and might have been making people worse."

“You can exercise all you want but you can't exercise your liver.”

“We didn't go into medicine to prescribe pills, watch people go on dialysis and get their feet chopped off - we went into medicine because we wanted to make people better!”

You can find out more on Dr Jason Fung at idmprogram.com. He's the author of The Obesity Code as well as The Complete Guide To Fasting.

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