Gary & Belinda Fettke

Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon practising in Launceston, Tasmania. 

He has a major interest in preventative medicine, and encourages his patients to lose weight before undergoing surgery.

Although his specialty is surgery, Gary believes it is much better to help people avoid surgery if at all possible by taking preventative measures, which often include altering the diet.

In recent years Gary has focused on the role of the diet in the development of diabetes, obesity and cancer.

He has been speaking out on the combined role of sugar, fructose and refined carbohydrates, as well as polyunsaturated oils, linking them together to be behind inflammation and modern disease.

He has incurred the wrath of regulatory bodies for his stand on public health but he and his wife Belinda remain active, defending the benefits of Low Carb Healthy Fat living.

It is with great pleasure that we have Gary and Belinda on the podcast today. During this episode, we'll find out:
•The 19th century religious idealism behind our food guidelines
•The conflicts of financial interest behind the people who wrote them

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