Dr Sarah Ballantyne

Dr Sarah Ballantyne is a medical biophysicist, mum and bestselling author of Paleo Principles and The Paleo Approach, just to name a few. To find out more about Dr Sarah Ballantyne go to ThePaleoMom.com.

Listen in as I ask Dr Sarah:

* How she learned about the Paleo approach

* The best way to transition to Paleo

* What is auto-immune disease, and the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol

* Her ingredients for a happy recipe for life!

You’ll also discover:

* How she turned her life around from having obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

* Understanding food beyond calories - understanding nutrition

* A small time commitment to cook whole foods will make you feel better

* How to plan ahead to make sure your kids enjoy food at birthday parties!

* How the Paleo template out-performs many other ways of eating to reverse poor health

* The promising clinical trials of the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol which are currently underway

* Just because ill health and fatigue are common, doesn’t mean it’s normal. We’re entitled to health and longevity!

A couple of things Sarah said resonated with me:

“Mommy, I like food now because I never have tummy aches anymore!”

“My life as a whole is under control, it feels like I’m an active participant in it.”

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