7. [English version] Christopher Wylie on the CA scandal, how to sway an election and his new gig at H&M

The problem with social media isn't that it isn't working the way we intended - quite the opposite. They problem is that they work almost too good and how to you fix something that isn't broken? There are more things in play as well. Our confirmation biases act like mental algorithms creating filter bubbles that create a false sense of understanding of what's happening in the world. It's easy to forget that each and every one of have a responsibility not to share lies in social media, for not harassing others even if it's simpler than ever, and to remember to question our own view of the world. How all this works and how technology is actually making it harder to understand the world is the theme of my book "The big bubble", available everywhere.

This is a topic I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and I’m so happy that Christopher Wylie agreed to sit down with me and discuss this with me. Mr Wylie is the whistler blower that made the Cambridge Analytica scandal possible, as he helped unveil how the British data intelligence company operated in order to manipulate data of millions of people in order to get them to vote Yes to Brexit and get Donald Trump elected.

In front of a live audience in Stockholm, Sweden, he told me his story from start to end, revealed what it was like finding himself working for Steve Bannon, his current view on social networks, what it’s like to be de-platformed by Facebook and also told me why he went back to the fashion industry and accepted a job as head of research at H&M Group.

This episode also includes me reading from my book ”The big bubble”, which is available on Amazon, Kindle and wherever you find books online.


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