Persons of Interest: Tim Marshall

My guest is the acclaimed author, journalist and broadcaster, Tim Marshall. For nearly 25 years, Tim broadcast from over 30 countries and covered twelve wars for Sky News. 

In the world of journalism, there is something unique about foreign affairs correspondents. They stand out amongst journalists as a breed of their own. I think it's the events they have to cover that allow them to grasp the big picture. And when you're explaining war, conflict and diplomacy to your audience, you have to reduce complex issues to understandable stories. That's why I've always admired Tim. He's a fabulous explainer. 

Tim's book, 'Prisoners Of Geography, Our World Explained in Twelve Simple Maps', was a bestseller on multiple continents. The sequel, 'The Power Of Geography, Ten Maps That Reveal The World's Future', is out now. I spoke to him about it for this weeks episode of Persons of Interest.

As our conversation took us on a canter through the emerging parts of the world we all need to know about, I found myself in awe of his wisdom. He's one of those people who reminds us that journalism is still a noble profession.

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