Persons of Interest: Michael Conroy

When I look at my female friends' responses against male violence against women I feel anxious that I'm not doing enough to campaign against misogyny to try and change the society we live in so that women can feel safe in their daily lives. 

And that’s why I’ve invited a second guest this week on Persons of Interest Michael Conroy who is a man who in his professional life tries to change the system through education and runs an organisation called Men At Work that works with young men.

I’m also hosting a room in Clubhouse on Thursday at 7.00 pm with Michael and other guests to have a discussion about misogyny and male violence and what we can as individuals do about it. 

Do join in the conversation and let me know your thoughts.

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Professor Jane Mockton Smith, author of 'In Control, Dangerous Relationships And How They End In Murder'

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