Sportswomen with Balls ft. Sally Kettle and Amanda Foster

Well done on getting Periods! In the first episode Samantha hears about two incredible sportswomen who have NO shortage of balls.

Atlantic rower and adventurer Sally Kettle and Hollywood stunt woman and clay shooter Amanda Foster share their stories and historical heroines.

Top quotes:

Amanda: “Creativity is like food for me”

Sally: “I have a 'no failure' policy… well I did at the time anyway!"

Amanda shares her stories of martial arts, motorcycles, hang gliding and car stunts. They talk about who doubled Grace Jones and what it’s like lying on top of ‘good boy’ Brad Pitt. Amanda is looking for the next challenge in clay pigeon shooting for the country! Sponsors sign up here!

Sally tells us about rowing the Atlantic twice, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, shark attacks with an all-woman team, and re-inventing as an inspirational speaker. She tells how 106 days at sea with her mum was an experience she will always treasure, even though they had to go to the loo in a bucket.

Our guests choose women whose periods were in sync, being born just 4 years apart!

Amanda picks sharpshooter Annie Oakley, who learned to shoot by following her dad on hunts and ended up a household name.

Sally picks Nellie Bly, the American journalist who set out to travel the world in 80 days with one dress and a bag of gold coins around her neck. When she got home she did a landmark expose on asylum conditions as an undercover journalist.

Legends all round.

Follow our guests:

Amanda Foster - Stuntwoman, Director, Actor

Twitter @Amanda30af

Watch Amanda in No.7’s advert

Sally Kettle - Adventurer, Speaker, Rower

@sallykettle instagram and Twitter

Sally features in the exhibition 'First Women’ at London’s Dyson Gallery until the 22nd August


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