Politics and puns with Amelia Womack and Chloe Green

It’s the political one. Samantha’s chatting to the Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Amelia Womack, who was the youngest elected deputy leader in any UK political party when she was elected aged 29. They’re joined in the studio by Chloe Green, a political comedian who also works in politics and runs a monthly comedy night for the brightest queer comedians.

Top quotes:

Chloe: “I was a trending topic by accident. These days I’d kill to trend”

Amelia: “I see young people at the centre of demonstrations and activism and the ballot box is just one part of that"

Amelia talks about her route from rocks to rocking the commons, shares a 'lovely' story about whips, and tells us why she picked Amelia Earhart as her historical woman of note.

Chloe tells us how a random interaction with David Cameron threw her into politics. She also tells us about some of the most unimaginative sexist heckles she’s heard, and why she’s providing a platform for under-represented comedy talent in London. She picks Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman whose cells were immortalised for some of the most important research in medical history. But they were taken without her consent.

Follow our guests:

Chloe Green is a comedian based in London

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@_chloe_green_ on Twitter

Amelia Womack is deputy leader of the Green Party

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