Periods are back! Season 2: Laura Whitmore

Comedian and actor Samantha Baines is back with a brand new series. Today she's chatting with TV presenter Laura Whitmore and finding out about her inspiring woman from history.

“Feel empowered and if you start to do it, if you start to feel your voice heard, you will never go back”

Mary Robinson

Laura talks about her first experience of Twitter trolls, gambolling in Edinburgh with Sam and their magical network of mutual pals.

Laura talks about her work with the global children’s charity Plan and how her mum inspired her to use her TV profile as a platform to start important conversations.

She’s picked Mary Robinson, Ireland’s first female president and a former UN High Commissioner, as her amazing woman from history.

Laura talks about how this woman inspired her as a young girl, opened her eyes to women in power and was a model for emotion and compassion, as well as rocking some pretty amazing suits and. shoulder pads.

Laura explains how she got to interview her hero recently (and talk music!) before telling us how Robinson swapped the church for law, before embarking on an impressive political career.

You can follow Laura on social media @thewhitmore

And you can find out more about Mary Robinson’s climate change podcast 'Mothers of Invention’ here:

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