Kicking down doors and finding open ones with @emilylloydsaini

Sam’s joined by fellow actor, comedian, broadcaster and general career twin Emily Lloyd-Saini.

"In the line of work we do there are a lot of doors that feel locked sometimes. Find another one."

Emily’s about to appear in Horrible Histories, Catastrophe and presents on the BBC Asian Network on the Mawaan and Emily Show. Emily presents the story of Chilean pilot Margo Duhalde.

"Men were convinced they were the ones who could do things. They always looked down on us women and it’s only recently they’re beginning to realise we’re equal and sometimes actually better than them" (Margot Duhalde, 2017)

Emily explains how she and Samantha met when she was MCing the Funny Women competition and the advice she’d give her teenage self before getting meaningful about favourite movies.

They chat about making it in acting and comedy, their ideal roles and the increasing number of strong female leads in TV drama as well as diversity on TV. This ends up being a pretty deep chat about representation and inclusiveness in well… life in general.

Emily’s chosen inspiring historical woman is Margot Duhalde: the first female military pilot in Chile who died in February this year.

Emily explains how Margot learned to fly at just 16 years old in 1938. She later nipped across the Atlantic to fly with the French Free Forces eventually ending up with the Air Transport Auxiliary of the British RAF, becoming the first officer in the women’s section of the ATA.

She finally did get in with France and became their first female combat pilot. Yay!

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