The Africa COP

Ahead of this year’s UN climate conference, discussions over the responsibility of the world’s richest countries towards developing economies have intensified. Emerging markets’ contribution to climate change is minuscule, but they are disproportionately hurt by its effects. Think of the catastrophic droughts, floods and hurricanes directly linked to man-made climate change that have crashed infrastructure and cost lives and livelihoods across developing countries.

With COP27 being hosted by Egypt, and African governments increasingly pushing back against requests to keep fossil fuels in the ground (as this would slow economic growth), will there be new solutions on the negotiation table? Will this be the Africa COP?

Silvia Pavoni chats to James King, one of our correspondents who has recently written about Africa, and to Gillian Marcelle, a development finance expert with sanguine views on the urgency of the issue - and on how to fix it.

You can read James’s deep-dive here:

This is Gillian’s opinion piece on sustainable finance:

Here are the views of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance chair Guenther Thallinger:

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