Fat Girls Hiking encourages folks to get outside, no matter your size or background

Oftentimes, stereotypes portray outdoor adventurers to look a certain way or have a specific background. But access to the outdoors is meant for everyone to enjoy, even if you didn’t grow up exploring all corners of the forest. Even if summiting mountains at record speeds isn’t your thing. For so many, just getting outside and having a good time is a huge accomplishment.
On this week’s episode of Peak Northwest, we talk with Summer Michaud-Skog, founder of Fat Girls Hiking movement and author of “Fat Girls Hiking: An Inclusive Guide to Getting Outdoors at Any Size or Ability.”
Here are some highlights from this week’s show:

Summer discusses how Fat Girls Hiking got started.

We ask Summer about some of her favorite hikes.

Summer tells us about her book and what she hopes people get from it.

How you can join in on a Fat Girls Hiking trip.

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