Winter of the mind

Jeremy sits down with mental health professionals to discuss a subject close to his heart: the state of the nation’s mental health. They discuss how it has fared in the pandemic, and what hope there is, and isn’t, for the near future.

Participants include Daisy Fancourt, who leads the 'COVID-19 Social Study', a longitudinal study into the psychological and social impact of the pandemic involving over 95,000 adults in the UK; Paul Farmer, CEO of the mental health charity, Mind; Professor Miranda Wolpert, Head of Mental Health Priority Area at the Wellcome Trust, and Marjorie Wallace, CEO of the mental health charity, SANE.


The study Daisy Fancourt is leading into the mental health impacts of covid and covid responses is at

Information about the work Miranda Wolpert is doing at Wellcome is here:

Marjorie’s mental health charity, SANE, is here:

Paul’s mental health charity, Mind, is here:


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