The Lock In with Jeremy Paxman

by James Bray
Jeremy Paxman, of Newsnight and University Challenge fame, has decided there must be more to life than cudgelling politicians and students on TV. ‘The Lock In’ is, as he puts it, “an excuse for me to talk to people I want to hear from, in a place I want to be...the pub”. So it is that, free at last of any editorial oversight, Jeremy has been sitting down in some of London’s finest boozers to enjoy drink and conversation with an eclectic bunch of guests. There are famous ones and obscure ones, but they all have something to say and were willing to sit down with the ‘Grand Inquisitor’ in a pub (or on Zoom, in more recent times). Each and every one is a fascinating conversation. So, pull yourself a pint, pour yourself a glass of plonk, and join The Lock In.

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  • Society & Culture