Not Moving On - Lockdown Lifting, BlackLivesMatter, everything being terrible, the 5 Tests and no interview because Tiernan is rubbish

Wow, last week was shit wasn't it? A look at all the terrible happenings from lockdown liftings too soon, racist American cops, and a glance at whether the UK has actually passed the 5 tests or not. SPOILER: No of course not. Plus there is no interview because Tiernan is rubbish. Enjoy the free time allocated by this episode being half the length, or listen to it twice and singalong to the bits you know.DONATE TO THE MINNESOTA FREEDOM FUND HERE: WAYS TO HELP THE BLACKLIVESMATTER CAUSE: HELP TIERNAN SURVIVE ALL OF THE COMEDY BEING CANCELLED:Donate to the Patreon at me a coffee at SURVIVALTiernan's Twitch stream: UP COMEDY - HECKLETHEVIRUS.COMCOMEDY CLUB 4 KIDS PODCASTGET THE LAST SKEPTIK'S LATEST ALBUM HERE: UP TO NEXT UP COMEDY AT: up to Tiernan's comedy mailing list here: & LISTEN TO TIERNAN HOST THE NESTA FUTURE CURIOUS PODCAST HERE: DOES THIS POLITICS THING WORK THEN? Website: PODCAST RHUBARB:Join Tiernan's comedy mailing list at us on Twitter @parpolbro, on Facebook at and the fancy webpage at by The Last Skeptik (@thelastskeptik) - - Subscribe to his podcast Thanks For Trying here.

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