Giving It One Percent - Nurse's Pay, Budget 2021, Schools Return and Alysa Remtulla from charity Magic Breakfast

Nurses don't need money right? They just need more nurses right and then they can exchange their colleagues for food or shelter at the nurse bank or something. I'm not sure that's right but it seems to be what the Prime Minister thinks. No money for nurses, or for anyone to survive past the Autumn according to the Chancellor but luckily the Conservatives can be trusted on the economy which is why there is all the dosh for a big room with TVs in it and to prove the Home Secretary definitely isn't a bully to the tune of £340,000. This week's podcast has all the usual jokes, a look at the Budget and a chat with Alysa Remtulla, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the brilliant charity Magic Breakfast (@magic_breakfast) on making sure kids get fed.SUPPORT AND FOLLOW MAGIC BREAKFAST AT:Website: magicbreakfast.comTwitter: @magic_breakfastInstagram: @magicbrekyFacebook: @magicbreakfastukBRITISH BOXERS - GET 10% OFF WITH THE CODE ON THE PODCAST: HELP TIERNAN SURVIVE ALL OF THE COMEDY NOT COMING BACK TILL MAY AT THE VERY LEAST:Donate to the Patreon at me a coffee at FIND THE ACAST SUPPORTER BUTTON WHEREVER IT ISREVIEW THE PODCAST AT: PODCAST HOO HA:LOOK AT TIERNAN'S FANCY NEW WEBSITE AND SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST: us on Twitter @parpolbro, on Facebook at and the fancy webpage at by The Last Skeptik (@thelastskeptik) - - Subscribe to his podcast Thanks For Trying here.SIGN UP TO NEXT UP COMEDY AT:

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