Filled With Nothing But Mourn - Bye Phil, David Cameron is still awful and Dayana Shalai from the Curve Podcast on the Race Report

This episode contains absolutely no politics at all as its not allowed because everyone is mourning endlessly about Prince Philip being more dead than he has been for the last ten years. So only mourn Prince Philip when listening to this, unless you're hearing it after Sunday 9th in which case go nuts and politics up the place. Plus a chat with Dayana Shalai from The Curve podcast (@CurvePodcast) about the Race Report and more.Find The Curve here: Dee on Instagram here: BOXERS - GET 10% OFF WITH THE CODE ON THE PODCAST: HELP TIERNAN SURVIVE ALL OF THE COMEDY NOT COMING BACK TILL JULY AT THE VERY EARLIEST:Donate to the Patreon at me a coffee at FIND THE ACAST SUPPORTER BUTTON WHEREVER IT ISREVIEW THE PODCAST AT: PODCAST BLABBER:LOOK AT TIERNAN'S FANCY NEW WEBSITE AND SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST: us on Twitter @parpolbro, on Facebook at and the fancy webpage at by The Last Skeptik (@thelastskeptik) - - Subscribe to his podcast Thanks For Trying here.SIGN UP TO NEXT UP COMEDY AT:

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