Episode 166 - New But Old - GE2019 Week Three, manifestos, leaders debates and Professor Tim Bale on if this is a Brexit Election

Episode 166 - It is only week 3 of the election campaign even though it feels like week 3003. Manifestos are out, the Conservatives are promising nurses that are already there, Labour want be Brexit neutral like a baby soap and Jo Swinson doesn't want to kill squirrels but I guess she can't help it. Plus a chat with Professor Tim Bale (@proftimbale) from UK In A Changing Europe (@UkandEU) on if this is or isn't a Brexit election. Again.

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'HOW DOES THIS GENERAL ELECTION THING WORK THEN?' - Nov 30th at Greenwich Theatre: https://www.greenwichtheatre.org.uk/events/how-does-general-election-thing-work-then

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